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The Newman Family in Elgin County Ontario Canada - Part 6 - Vida Newman

The Newman Family in Elgin County - Part 6 - Vida Newman
Vida Jane Ethel Newman was born February 12, 1892, in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. She died December 27, 1906, in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada.

                        The “BIRTH CERTIFICATE -ELGIN - Port Stanley” reads:
                         #                 005994
                         February 12, 1892
                         Vida Jane Ethel Newman
                         John Newman (Father)
                         Susannah Stephens (Mother)
                         Father - Laborer
                         Born - Port Stanley
                         March 11 1892 registered

                   Vida Jane passed away in her mid teens.
                   The “DEATH CERTIFICATE  - 000141” reads:
                   Newman, Vida
                         Died - December 27, 1916
                         15 years old
                         Lived - Colborne St., Port Stanley
                         Father John Newman
                         English church
                         Diphtheria 5 days

In the St Thomas Daily Times, page 1 the following appears - Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Newman. Port Stanley. Died: December 27, 1906, age 15, from black diphtheria. Burial: December 1906, Union Cemetery.

The Newman family is buried in unmarked graves on the front left section as you face the cemetery, or in the section past the second driveway. Vida's father John told family losing Vida was the hardest thing he ever had to face.

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