Monday, March 23, 2015

ELgin OGS Talbot Times - 1853 Weekly Dispatch - Births, Deaths and Marriage

1853 Weekly Dispatch St Thomas
The above link to the September 1987 Talbot Times leads to 1853 Births, Deaths and Marriages found in the St Thomas, Ontario Weekly Dispatch.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Talbot - Times June1987 Searching Records

The above link leads to a brief article which provides tips for searching various records including court records.

Elgin OGS June 1987 article - History of the Cheaspeake and Ohio Railway Co., Canadian Division

A history of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Division Canadian Division can be found by following the link below - 

Talbot - Times - June 1987 

Searching Church Records - March 1987 article Elgin OGS Talbot Times

The Elgin OGS Talbot Times newsletter for March 1987 contains an article on Searching Church Records 1754 to 1858.

The following link will take you to the article - 

Searching Church Records 1754 - 1858

Elgin OGS Talbot Times March 1987 - Wm. Thomas Fairbrother Obituary 1935

The March 1987 edition of the Talbot Times contains an obituary for William Thomas Fairbrother - 1935.

The following link leads to the March edition -
Talbot Times - March 1987 - Wm Thomas Fairbrother 1935 Obituary 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Talbot Times 1987 article - Scots come to Canada

An article describing "Scots coming to Canada" can be found in the Talbot Times by clicking the following link.

Scots come to Canada 

Excerpts from January 18, 1894 St Thomas Daily Times

Excerpts from the St. Thomas Daily Times - December 1987 Talbot Times
Thursday, January 18, 1894.

Vienna — Mr. Jas. Chute of Boston, Mas. son of Mr. E. Chute, is visiting his parents, both are in poor health.
Mr. H. Nevilles is attending Normal school at Ottawa.
Mrs. Jeannie Carlisle, of Peterboro was the guest of Miss. E. Chute during the past week.
Miss Jessie Gunne, formerly a pupil of Hamilton Collegiate, is attending school here.
Miss Annie Edison, is attending the Toronto Normal School.
At the annual meeting of the Bayham Agriculture Society held here on Thursday January 11. The following officers were elected for the coming year: Pres. C.P.Chute; Vice Pres. J.T. Marr; Directors, H. Saxton, S.D. McCurdy, Thos. McGreer, K.Stilwell, Wm. Gordan, Louis Hankinson, E.S. McCollum, A. McConnell, and Mr. Harvey of Eden. Wm. Watts was reappointed Sec. and Treas. and E.H. Suffel and George Ault as auditors. Mr. Jack B. Martin who died at his home, about two miles west of this place, on Tuesday last, aged 86 years, was buried in St. Luke’s cemetery on Thursday.
Mr. William Broom, of Minneapolis is visiting friends here.
Mr. E.H. Suffel, not having the required property qualification declined to take the declaration of office as Reeve of the village. Nominations for Reeve will be held on Monday 22nd January