Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Sunday School in Malahide - Elgin County OGS

The following link leads to a September 1984 Talbot Times article about the first Sunday School in Malahide which features a small list of names.

Malahide Sunday School Talbot Times -1984 September 

Elgin County OGS - Richmond, Oldest Place in Elgin Settlement. Names featured - Cook, McKinney

The village of Richmond is discussed in the Talbot Times article apprearing in September 1984.

Richmond - Talbot Times - 1984 September 

Elgin County OGS - Port Bruce Article 1952 - Names featured Lewis, Thompson, Davis, Dalley, Young, Johnson

The link below leads to a September 1984 article in the Talbot Times entitled "Port Bruce, Where Fabled Robocores Rambled, Was Once Busy With Industry"

Port Bruce article - Talbot Times - 1984 September 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Elgin County OGS - Somervilles of Rodney

Two articles appear in the June 1984 Talbot Times.

1. 68 years married - Somervilles of Rodney, and

2. St. Thomas Times Journal Tidbits 1831 - 1832

Talbot Times June 1984 article link 

Articles are at the end of the newsletter

Elgin County OGS - James and John McKinlay letter - Talbot Times

Aldborough, Elgin County - 24 October 1919 - A letter appears in the March 1984 Talbot Times towards the end of the newsletter, written by James McKinlay to his brother John.

McKinlay letter - Talbot -Times - 1984 - March 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Elgin County OGS - List of Wardens 1852 to 1983

Friendship Autograph Album - 1842 to 1846 - list of names, and Elgin County Wardens 1852 to 1983.
Two separate lists of names featured in the Talbot Times

Lists of names - 1983 - March 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Elgin County OGS - Malahide Bearen Regular Baptist Church Article - December 1982 Talbot Times

Malahide Bearen Regular Baptist Church and Cemetery List - 1850 article from the Haggan Papers Talbot Times - December 1982

Malahide Bearen Church -1982 - December