Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Where is Dexter and Hawks Cliff

While researching family in Elgin County I came across the name of a place called Dexter in Yarmouth township. While trying to find it's location on the net I came across the location of a fantastic place that I had never even heard of as a child who grew up in Elgin County and spent many a day at Port Stanley. It is called Hawk Cliff. If you enter Port Stanley there is a large curve  where you should look for the sign to East St on the left. Follow East St., to the first road you see on the left end called Dexter Line near the Port Stanley Water Tower. Go about 2 km down the road where you will turn right down a gravel road abutting a field next to a farm known as Hawkes Cliff Farm. The viewing area called Hawk's Cliff is at the end of this short gravel road. If you are on a research trip at the right time of the year visiting the library or archives this is also worth a visit.

Information about the bird & butterfly migration you can see here is found at this website -

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