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Sprague's Light Calvary - American Civil War Richmond Family

The 16th New York Calvary – Sprague Light Calvary (as recorded on hand written pension notes handed down by
by the Richmond family & an unknown newspaper clipping, date unknown, which was also kept & handed down by the Richmond family reads as follows about the regiment –

Sprague’s Light Calvary
“January 17, 1863, Col. Spencer H. Olmstead, succeeded September 8, 1863, by Col. Henry M. Lazelle, received authority to recruit the Sprague Calvary. July 27, 1863, Col. W. W. Hammell received authority to recruit the Washington Light Calvary. July 29 1863, Col. E. Schnepf received authority to reorganize the 20th N.Y. Vol. Infantry, discharged by reason of the expiration of its services. October 14, 1863, these organizations were consolidated and the 16th Regiment of Calvary formed, with Henry M. Lazelle as colonel. October 2, 1863 some of the men recruited for this were transferred to the 18th Regiment of Calvary. The regiment was organized at Plattsburgh, and the companies were mustered in the service of the United Sates for three years at Plattsburgh.
Companies B, C and D and parts of E, G, B, I and L were recruited at Buffalo. Companies A, B, C and D left the State June 19, 1863 and took part in the Pennsylvania campaign in June and July, 1863; companies E, F, G and H commanded by Lieut. – Col, Olmsted. Left the State August 19, 1863; companies I, K and L in September, and M October 23, 1863; the regiment served in the Calvary Brigade of 22d Corps, Defenses of Washington D.C. until August 17, 1865 when commanded by Col. Nelson B Sweitzer, it was consolidated with the 13th N.Y. calvary, the new organization receiving the designation, 3d Provisional Regiment, N.Y. Vol. Calvary.
During its service the regiment lost by death, killed in action one officer; twelve enlisted men; of wounds received in action, eight enlisted me of disease or other causes; 119 men, total one officer, 139 enlisted men; aggregate 140 of whom 44 enlisted men died in the hands of the enemy. It, or portions of it, took part in the following engagements, etc. – Lewinsville Va.; Bristoe Station Va.; near Blue Ridge Mountains Va.; Dranesville Va.;  Leesburg Va.; Hunter’s Point Va.; near Middleburg Va.; Blue Ridge Mountains Va.; Carter’s Farm Va.; Annadale Va.(2); Aldie Va.; Burk’s Station Va.; Fairfax Station Va.; near Fairfax Station Va.; near Fall’s Church va.; near Fall’s Church Va

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