Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Talbot Times Tidbits - June 1984 - From the St Thomas Times Journal

First Newspaper
The St. Thomas Journal was the first newspaper established in the community. It began publication in 1831 and was followed by the Liberal in 1832.

City Lights
Street lights made their debut in St. Thomas in 1898. The Street Railway Company installed a generator to electrify its lines and made the move possible.

Early Education
One of the first glimmerings of education in St. Thomas was the establishment of a seminary in 1824, less than 15 years after Daniel Rapelje and David Mandeville built the first pioneer homes in the settlement.

This was a large, wooden, one-room building and the teachings of the first schoolmaster, Stephen Randall, were supported largely by pupil fees.

The first common and grammar schools were erected on Port Stanley Street, now Stanley Street, in 1832.

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any photos of the st Thomas seminary?