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Belmont Elgin Cty., historical facts - Talbot Times Tidbit

Belmont historical facts

Courtesy of Elgin County Archives – Tweedsmuir Histories – Belmont Pages 17-20

This document contains a multitude of family surnames from the early Belmont area.
The first doctor came in 1850, Dr Hensely followed by Dr Fleck, Dr Cline Sr., 1855-1863. Paid Dr McCallum $1000 forfeit & practiced till death in 1876. Dr Spencer 1864-1892. Dr J.B. Campbell 1867-1888 sold to Dr M. Campbell who sold to Dr Chas. Cline in 1890 who sold to Dr Meldrum in 1896. Dr H.E. Arkell began practice in 1897, Dr Franklin 1890 stayed a short time, Dr Archie Mc Tavish in 1891-1892.

The first school in 1845 was in the house eventually owned by W.H .Soole. First school house 1846 on the street between Wm. Dyer & W.T. Nugent, second school on the premises eventually owned by Hugh McCallum. The present school was built in 1887. The first teacher Daniel Gillis, followed by Miss Christena Atkins, Omie Dyer, Solomon Smith, Miss Smith in 1853, D. Danard 1854, D.W. Eckhart 1855, Miss Walker 1856, Joseph Potts, W.W. Campbell. Doug. McBrayne, Colin McArthur Sr., Archie McMillen, L. Fleckenstrene, Norman McDonald, Jas. H. Smith, Mr. Steele, J.O. Lewis, Mr. Hopkins, S. Baker, Carlton Luton, John Empey, W.R. Manning, Miss McLean, J.W. McRoberts, E. Wyatt assisted by Miss Fanny Webster & Miss Mary McCord.

L. Tibbits opened a wagon shop in 1856 selling to S. Dumaw in 1858 who sold to John Wilson in 1859 and later taken over by Archie McKellar 1864.
The first harness shop owned by H. Hemstreet 1855, sold to McPhail Bros in 1862. Kirby Gregory harness shop 1860-1865. James Campbell harness shop 1867. Samuel Hill harness shop 1876-1878. Alonzo Tibbits harness shop 1857-59. Eli Hungerford Furniture & Cabinet maker 1850-1874. R.J. Fonger blacksmith 1878. Hugh McCallum blacksmith 1890.

The Post Office moved from Squire Mannings one mile north of Belmont 1853.
First stage was run by John Prowse 1855, 3 trips per week until 1862 when a daily mail started by Lewis Olmstead 1862-1878, followed by George Davidson and Randall Learn 1880-82, John Charles 1882-86, of Belmont House followed by Chancey Barrows 1886-90, and again John Charles 1890-97 and then taken over by Arthur Christie.

First flax mill was owned by Robert Hughes and John Nicol 1866-71, when it was burned in 1874, rebuilt and sold to D. McKellar and son in 1878-79. It was then leased to a company D.F. Jelly, Dr J.B. Campbell, and Wm. Dyer and W.H. Odell, burned in 1879. Second mill by Donald, Archie & John McKellar 1869-72, succeeding by Thomas Harkness and John McKellar 1872-75, then sold to Nicols Bros who closed the mill.

In 1883 Smith Bros bought a flax mill in Springfield and moved it to Belmont being in business till 1895 and then leased to a company – WH Odell, Secty., Treas., Wm. Dyer, W.H. Fawcett, W.H. Soole & Omie Dyer 1895-97, when the mill closed and was torn down in 1899.

The shoe shop was owned by Robert Creamer 1854-66, Joshua Kendree 1866-69, Jas. Creamer 1869-72, Orlando Doan 1890.

David Hoover owned a bakery 1868-77, succeeded by Daniel Tibbits 1877-80, James Kindrree 1880-82, Lewis Kindree 1882-84, Alex Crawford 1884-86, Arch. McPhail 1886-97, Fred W. Farquarhar 1897-99 succeeded by A.D. McCallum
Dr Cline & H. Tooley owned a cheese factory 1869-74, Samuel Davidson 1874-84, John Evans 1884-98, W. Fitzpatrick 1898.

Adam Allison Bank & grain dealer 1885-91.

Credit Valley R.R. with A. Allison agent 1883, succeeded by Cook, Lusby, W.C. Forsythe 1894.

The first veterinary surgeon was DR Deacon 1878-80, Dr Jas. Campbell 1888-89, King 1889-91, Guest 1893-94, McGuffin 1894-96, Cunningham, 1896-98, A.D. McLachlin 1898.

The first butcher was Richard Wagoner in the early seventies – 82, D. R. Dibb 1882-88, John McLary 1888-90, followed by Harry l. Smith, McLary, Geo. W. Falls.

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