Monday, December 30, 2013

The Wilma and Art MacDonald

John Arthur (known as Art) MacDonald was born July 22 1877 in Port Stanley, Ontario to John McDonald and Mary Jane Stephens. He was an interesting character. He was a fisherman on Lake Erie in the Port Stanley area. Art’s Dad would occasionally spin tales of fishing with Art. Supposedly Art owned the Wilma Fishing Company and the fishing boat “Wilma”. This would make sense; his first daughters name was Wilma. The Wilma sank, April 14, 1936 when ice punched out a plank near the boiler on the starboard side. It still remains a diving site in Lake Erie in the Long Beach area for avid divers.
Art was a Mason and a member of the St Marks lodge 94, a member of the Port Stanley Untied Church as well as a former Port Stanley Reeve and Councilmen.
Art married in 1898 to Lena Mellen (1880-1954.)
Art & Lena had three children together: Wilma Irene (MacDonald) Howard 1900-1973, Josephine Jeanette (Jean) Ellis B. 1904, John Donald (Mac) MacDonald 1908-1985.
Art was a resident of Port Stanley for his entire life. He passed away May 10th 1975 at his residence, 291 Hetty Street.

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