Monday, December 30, 2013

Researching in Elgin County

The Elgin County OGS Research Team has an exceptional amount of available information which is not online for your family tree research for members & non members alike. Visit the Elgin County Website for details at

The Elgin County OGS Website makes research at a distance very easy for searchers by providing a multitude of free online searchable documents. 

Elgin OGS members have the ability to post their search requests on the website or through the Talbot Times. Visit the Elgin OGS website for details on search requests.

The Talbot Times Newsletter & Talbot Times tidbits also seeks family history articles, Elgin County history to publish and send out to members. The majority of the membership is at a distance which also affords a vast research pool in it's own right. Visit the Elgin OGS website to find back issues of the Talbot Times which contain valuable information.

The Elgin County Blog will post valuable information which becomes available between meetings & newsletter publications. If you have an article you would like published send it to for publication at

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