Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ships built at Port Burwell 1834 - 1875

From the St Thomas Journal, April 29 1916:

List of Ships built at Port Burwell - 1834-1846 'Sir Robert Peel', 'Lady Colburn', 'Chapman', 'Amity', and 'Royal Tar'; 1847 'Sterling'; 1848 'Hagard'; 1849 'Royal Oak'; 1850 'Pine'; 1860 'Ada'; 1861 'Florence'; 1862 'Almina', 'Ellen Theresa', '. Cornwall'; 1863 'D. M. Foster', 1864 'Homeward Bound', 'Laura Emma'; 1866 'Arabian', 'Sarah Jane', 'George Suffel', 'A. C. Storrs', 'Y. W. Emery', 'Ariadne'; 1867 'W. W. Grant'; 1868 'Two Brothers', 'Leviathan'; 1869 'D. Freeman'; 1870 'Argo', 'E. A. Dunham'; 1871 'Vienna'; 1872 'Edward Blake', 'Clara Youell', 'Lady Dufferin'; 1873 'Craftsman', 'Lady McDonald', 'Erie Belle'; 1874 'Lilly Hamilton', 'Mary Ann Lynden', 'Grace Amelia', 'G. W. Suffel', 'Annie M. Foster'; 1875 'Hercules'

The article also has a photo of the car ferry 'Ashtabula' leaving her dock at Port Burwell.

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The Schooner Clara Youell was at one time owned by my Great Grandfather. Its end is unknown to me any information would be good. schoolhouse1867@yahoo.com