Thursday, January 18, 2007

George Light, a seaman of Port Burwell

In 1917 a Port Burwell man by the name of George Light was drowned in the harbour at Erie, Pennsylvania off the ship 'Earl Bess' of Port Burwell. It was the 4th time in his seaman's career he had been involved in a mishap with a ship on which he was employed. His first time was on the ship 'Erie Wave' of Port Burwell 30 years before.
The story of the 'Erie Wave' can be found here:

His second mishap, he wrecked off Ashtabula and had to swim ashore. His third was in Lake Huron off Sand Beach when a schooner ran on the rocks. He rescued the captain's wife and child using a rope.

A story of George Light can be found in the St Thomas Journal, 11 April 1917.

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Ken Light said...

Where did you find the information on George Light?
He is a relative of mine