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The Newman Family in Elgin County Ontario Canada - Part 8 - James Dougald Entoine Newman

The Newman Family in Elgin County - Part 8 - James Dougald Entoine Newman

James Dougald Entoine Newman was born August 22, 1898, in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. (Moved to Western Canada – Reference Val Ross). JAMES DOUGALD ENTOINE NEWMAN, Son of John & Susan Newman, born August 22, 1898, baptized October 23, 1898. 283.71 RDK Church of the Valley, page 57. Sponsors Mrs. J Newman, Mrs. HD Steele.

PORT STANLEY MOURNS THE LOSS of PTE NEWMAN - St Thomas Daily Times, April 28, 1918, page 4 

Soldier reported missing was former resident of village. Citizens regret to hear of the loss of PTE James Newman who left here with his 91st battalion. He was born & raised in the village, but his parents now reside in St Thomas

JAMES D ENTOINE NEWMAN - #190250 - Private. Enlisted April 1916. Served in Canada 91st Battalion; England 36th Reserve; France 1st Battalion. Battles - Sommes, Vimy Ridge. Wounded at Avions. Discharged August 1916.

FALL THROUGH ICE - James Newman - St Thomas Daily Times - Saturday, January 3, 1914, page 4

Port Stanley, James Newman, son of John Newman, of this place, while playing hockey on the creek, skated into a hole in the ice, striking his face on the edge of the ice, cutting himself badly across his two cheeks and nose just under the eyes.

PTE J D NEWMAN AMONG WOUNDED - St Thomas Daily Times - December 17, 191. According to information, which reached here on Monday, Pte. John Douglas Newman, 190250, a former member of the 91st Battalion, is now in No 3 Ambulance Depot, suffering from a gunshot wound in the hand sustained on December 8. Pte. Newman resided at 7 Alexander Avenue prior to enlisting and the message was received there by John Newman.

TWO LOCAL MEN ARE MISSING - St Thomas Daily Times - April 26, 1917. Pte Thos. Hornby, and Pte J D Newman. Former also wounded; Sapper C Connor Wounded. Two St Thomas men Pte Thomas Hornby, whose wife Sarah Hornby resides on Kairns street and Pte James Douglas Newman, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Newman, 7 Alexander Avenue, this city are reported missing, and Sapper Charles Connor, son of Mrs. Annie Connor 8 Inkerman St is reported wounded. Pte. James Douglas Newman left St Thomas with the 91st battalion, is unmarried and has seen no previous service. His father is an employee of the traction service.

The child of JAMES DOUGALD ENTOINE NEWMAN was John Newman.          

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