Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1924 Cummins Rural Directory Maps - Featured Map South Dorchester Township

1924 Map for South Dorchester Township (double click image to enlarge for reading lot owners)

The 1924 Cummins Rural Directory is a source that may be helpful to Elgin County Researchers

Here is a sample of the maps given in the Directory. This map is for the historical township of South Dorchester. Note that Concession numbers are given in both margins as Roman numerals. Lots start on the left margin with Lots A and B then number 1 through 24 right to left.

The 1924 Cummins Maps are available on ILL from the Public Archives of Canada
Our thanks to Elgin OGS member Fred Prong for directing us to this source.

See the entire Dorchester map at: http://www.elginogs.ca/onlinepubs/1924ruraldirectory.htm

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